Local String teacher's testimonial of Amadeus String

"I am an experienced string teacher in the Hudson Valley, and Amadeus Strings is consistently my first choice for string rentals and sales. When you look at aspects such as instrument action (playability), the instruments ability to retain its tuning over time, quality of tone, top notch material such as horsehair bows, carved instruments, high quality strings, and more, Amadeus Strings excels. Along with quality instruments comes first-rate service, hands down the best in the Hudson Valley." - Mr. Frank Camiola, Arlington Central Schools
"As a beginning strings teacher, I see the effect that a high quality instrument has on a child's learning every day. It is such a relief when students walk into class with Amadeus Strings instruments. I know that they'll stay in tune and sound great every time. When a child sounds good as a beginner they enjoy playing more and progress faster. In fact, I chose to rent my own daughter's violin from Amadeus Strings because I wanted her to have the best sound possible, even with a small instrument. I can't recommend Amadeus enough." - Mrs. Gina Stephens, Wappingers Central Schools
"I continue to be impressed with the quality of service and instruments that Amadeus Strings provide. My students are extremely satisfied with their instruments and I am always pleased to hear the excellent tone that these student instruments produce.
"I would highly recommend Amadeus Strings to anyone looking to rent or purchase a string instrument. The quality of service and care put into each instrument is amazing. The instruments are high quality and each one has a beautiful tone. If all of my students rented from Amadeus Strings I would be the happiest orchestra teacher ever!
"As a private music teacher, I always send my students to Amadeus Strings. Whether they are in need of books, strings, or a new instrument, I know that not only will they find what they are looking for, but they will also receive professional service from both the owner and employees. Amadeus Strings is a reliable business with the best interests of music students at heart. (Marisa)
"Amadeus Strings offers high quality rental instruments that I'm very happy to see being used by students in my program. The quality is that of an intermediate instrument, not your typical beginning rental instrument. The company has always been prompt and professional to work with." (Kim Valentine)