Frequently Asked Question's

What are your hours?
Monday - Friday 3pm to 6pm, Saturdays 9am to 4pm, Phones answered from 9am to 3 pm by manager Monday - Friday.

What is your contact information?
Our phone number is 845-486-7617 - Our address is 105 Wennington Drive, Poughkeepsie NY
Online Contact Information HERE

How do I start renting from Amadeus Strings?
Please download the rental form under "Rentals" Email, Fax, or Mail back to Amadeus Strings

Can I pick up my rental today?
Yes. If you pick up your instrument today your rental agreement begins today. We bill on a quarterly system which means you would pay for a minimum of 3 months plus the beginning student package (stand, book, folder) if needed.

What is included in my rental cost?
The rental cost includes and instrument, case, rosin, bow, sponge shoulder rest, taxes and insurance.

What does the insurance cover?
The insurance covers the case, bow, and instrument. It does NOT cover the strings.

Is there an equity program?
Yes we do have an equity program, it is not a rent to own program. Our Equity program is designed for you to receive 100 percent of your rental payments minus the taxes and insurance the first year, 40 percent the second year, and 20 percent each year after. Fifty (50) percent of your credit may be applied to the purchase of a instrument.

Does my rental include a shoulder rest and rosin?
Yes, an Amadeus Strings rosin and sponge shoulder rest is included in your rental.

One of my strings broke, what do I do?
If your string breaks please come to Amadeus Strings during our store hours and we will be happy to replace it at the current cost of the strings. We never charge for labor.

My bow has broken what do I do.
Please bring your bow to our shop during store hours and we will be happy to replace it as long as you are a current rental customer.

Do you offer lessons?
We offer lessons during the summer months only. Please call and we will be happy to help with some referrals.

Do you repair instruments?
Yes, repair evaluation can usually be done during store hours. Many times, your instrument will require to be with us overnight or longer. We do offer short term rentals if your repair is going to require an extended time.

Do you sell shoulder rests, rosin, or strings?
Yes, we have a variety of strings, shoulder rest, mutes, rosins, turners, and many other accessories.

Do you sell instruments?
We sale our own professionally made instruments as well as other professional name brand ones.

Do you carry Essential Elements books?
Yes, we carry Essential Elements books for Bass, Cello, Violin and Viola. We also carry many other books like Suzuki, Scales, String Builder, All For Strings, and many others. Please call during store hours to see if we have the book you are looking for in stock.

What makes Amadeus stand out?
Amadeus Strings specializes in the rental of quality student violins and violas. For both beginning and advancing students, Amadeus Strings offers only high quality European string instruments. Our high-quality instruments make it easier to learn and students are more motivated to practice when their instrument sounds good.